2004-08-03 JODI ROSE (Australia)

is a nomadic writer and sound artist currently working from Melbourne and Sydney. Born to young hippy parents on national TV in the ABC documentary series Chequerboard, Rose was prepared at a very young age for the life of an Artstar. Her adventurous nature and curiosity about how the world looks and sounds from different angles was manifested early. A nomadic childhood and fascination with telephones have greatly influenced Rose's creative development and vocation.
Training at Sydney College of the Arts led to founding the Cult of the Mad Genius Artstar, (COMGAS). The work of COMGAS is diverse and eclectic, connected by a desire to explore the gaps and spaces in the fabric of cultural production. Rose is dedicated to creating work that takes place outside the framework of traditional art-world venues and is accessible to the community at large. COMGAS works range from the infamous "Anti-Art Certificate", to Otira's "Tele-Seismic Emergency Phone", the "Mythopoeia" series in Alice Springs and Bega, "Architectonics of Delirium", and her current global bridge project "Singing Bridges."


Art practice focused on sound and location, I am working with field recordings and collected stories, interviews and cultural context to create soundworks that explore ideas about communication, signals, networks, voice, language, connection and isolation through the sonic environment at specific locations, usually bridges. I have also worked with Helsinki railway station, and am inspired by the idea of sounding the forest in Lithuania. To explore the possibilities of mapping a location through sound. Creating an interactive audio database of stories and aural signals about place, in a collaborative work using mobile technology and handheld audio gps devices.

A mix of local stories, poetic response to place and spontaneous sonic transmissions, to be streamed over the net and through mobile soundwalks.