2004-01-01 intro
VILMA - Vilnius Interdisciplinary Lab for Media Arts - is a process that begins by drawing out lines of orientation in order to resituate within a contemporary era ethos. These are like probes, matching to the desire for focusing on the experiment and search, and a more transformative, experimental “voice”.

VILMA is planned as a annual event, whose form is drawn together over the year and emerges from the conditions linked to the event. In this way, it allows for a focused set of workshops and lectures to engage in the methodological enquiry associated to a project, within the economy of the event structure. This quality offers that the issue is as well, what kind of contemporary institutional form could develop. VILMA addresses the desire for a space of experiment related to the issues of technology that define new media, and orients media to artistic practice, and onto culture and society. VILMA is scripting of a voice from relations between international and local situations.