2004-08-07 JORGE BLASCO GALLARDO (Spain)
Jorge Blasco Gallardo studied Fine Arts at the Universidad de Salamanca and broadened his training at the Technological Educational Institution in Athens. Jorge went to do his postgraduate studies and PhD at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC), where he is writing his thesis. He is director of the ongoing project Archive Cultures, launched at Fundació Antoni Tàpies in October 2000. He is currently working on the development of projects and publications linked to Archive Cultures and on the production of AIAN, Spanish Civil War section. He is editor of the website www.culturasdearchivo.ua.es.


Much more of my work is to investigate ways of representation of reality using images and text as support. It means archive organizations, maps, atlas, etc, every kind of interface mediating between the subject and the so called reality. All these organizations are based on very known politics and poetics where memory is the objective but the tool as well. All these organizations have their roots on the very beginning of the "Art of Memory", where identity, identification and remembering using "virtual" spaces or maps were the main point. The experience you propose seems to be very closed to my areas of knowledge, but, on the other hand, the schedule and the performative aspects of the workshop makes me think that it will be a rich experience for both parts to join it.