2004-08-07 MARIA BUSTNES (Norway)
My work as an artist is mostly centered around the media of digital sound/video, which i use to investigate a documentarist approach to contemporary phenomena and for experimentation with real time/space recordings. My work has this year been shown in The 3rd Berlin biennale, at
Ibid projects in London, at Malmö Kunsthall and in Oslo at the Fotogalleriet and at Atopia salon for experimental film and video. I am currently artist in residency at the International Studio Programme Oslo / OCA - information on Low Budget DiscursiveFurniture project produced on commission for the institution. I am educated at the Malmö art academy graduation with a master degree in fine arts in 2001, and i also participated in the post graduate critical studies course from 2002-2003. In 2001-2002 was I in los angeles on a assisstant grant from the swedish art council to assist the la based artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart.


A focus on do-it-yourself strategies and structures of capitalism and (the forest) of new media.