2004-08-03 JOANNE RICHARDSON (Romania)
is an ex-philosopher, media theorist, and freelance organizer. Project coordinator of D Media Association, a digital democracy NGO that organizes workshops with locals in Cluj on digital video production, streaming media, and the politics of the commons and open source software. Member of the Indymedia Romania editorial collective. Editor of Subsol webzine (the Subsol Reader is now in print by Autonomedia Press, NY), and authorof essays on recent social movements, informal markets, copyleft, the crisis of tactical media, the myths animating net activism, and experimental film & video in eastern Europe.


A workshop on "Social Interaction & Collective Intelligence" must begin by placing collective intelligence in its historical context - which is not technology dependent, and was not born either with the internet or with the new mode of production of free software. It has a much older history, even if maybe this is more boring. While wiki and open publishing platforms can help “to give a voice to” - the more crucial question is not about the tools but about who this voice is given to, what processes of outreach accompany the use of more “free” technologies and how social interaction is constructed among participants. For our own projects in Romania we have tried to go beyond the familiar categories of new media artists and tech enthusiasts, and have worked with journalists, social activists, high-school students and people we met in bars. I would propose that an important question for the scripting of the RAM 6 performance is who will participate in the performance and how to find a way of spreading knowledge and tools for collective intelligence to people who don’t usually come to art events or geek fests - and who have something to gain from participating in an experiment of self-organization.