2004-08-03 DORINEL MARC (Sweden)

"Dorinel Marc takes situations in everyday life as examples of urgent social and political issues, and presents them within an artistic discourse. By choosing specific issues and causes, he challenges the collective conscience, stressing everything from grave injustice and abuse of power to in discrepancies in established culture. By extension Marc questions the mechanisms that underpin the values and standards of the art world".

Statement by the jury for Life Foundation's Artists Grant 2000


Video documentation of relevant projects, film "The Artist".

"I am interested in "Workshop" as a particular forum for collective interference in order to exchange information and acquire knowledge. I think the origin of "Workshop" is from ancient time long before the language was fully developed. I am a so-called contemporary artist but I feel a certain affinity with early shamans. Participating in workshops stimulates my senses in a special way, facilitating a natural wireless-connection of my brain to
other people's brains."

Dorinel Marc 2004