2004-08-07 ALISON GERBER (Sweden)

Alison's artistic work with public and social life is the main subject of interest. She studied psychology at the university and worked in laboratories for some time. She holds a BA in psychology and a BFA in fine arts. She immigrated to Sweden last year and this year joined the Critical Studies postgraduate program at the Malmö Art Academy. Her recent work has focused on the ownership and production of information and on the processes of networking and information-sharing between young artists and academics. She has also been organizing events and projects through Hostel, a collaboration between herself and other freelance artists-curators.


I attended RAM4 in Helsinki and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me; I am now working on projects with people that I met there and my experience of that event is part of what led me to apply to participate in RAM6. I believe that the themes that are to be explored in RAM6 are particularly applicable to my work and that I would learn a good deal, and have a good deal to contribute as well, especially as an artist who works primarily in the social realm. I am particularly interested in the connections between the design of interaction and connectivity and the way that it may relate to memory and narrative; I hope to learn more about possibilities for using information about peoples’ own experiences to enable them to connect to others and to their immediate environment.