2004-08-03 ALEJANDRO VIDAL (Spain)

Lives and works in Barcelona. Vidal’s work is concerned with issues that address social conflict, activism, self-defence, and violence. His practice involves several mediums such as photography, drawing, video and installation. Vidal sees his work as a wicked exercise that examines today’s society’s state of mind. In the last years he has been investigating aesthetic positions prior to the act of violence. From video-manuals of self-defence to 80`s punk, early rave techno or 90’s cult movies. He brings all these influences and concepts together to organize them as an attempt of understanding an historical moment and its implications. He has recently exhibited at Artra in Milano, Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers, France, Adn Galeria in Barcelona, Vto in London and participated in RAM3. He has forthcoming exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade or Buro Empty in Amsterdam among others. Besides his art practice he organized 'Algorhythm 2004' , Off-Sonar Electronic Music Festival in Barcelona together with Sheikh Ahmed and Tom Relleen. He also writes articles for Absorb.org, pionner e-zine for electronic culture in the UK, and for loop.cl.


There’s a need to create networks and to generate dynamics from different positions in order to modify some of the structures that rule our socio-economical environment. My experience as an artist and my compromise with different initiatives and projects certainly can be a good addition to RAM6. It’s necessary to work in collaboration with different communities and cells. To generate a sort of cell activism and to do an accurate analysis of the situation.