2004-08-03 VICTORIA BRÄNNSTRÖM (Sweden)
Studied at College of Fine Arts, Crafts and Design, MFA, Stockholm, 2000- Idun Lovén Artschool, spring 2000

Participated at Liljewalchs spring show, feb 2003, Stockholm, group exhibition Vita havet Konstfack, Feb 2003, Stockholm, PR privata/publika rum, group exhibition
Vic`s, Valentines bal, feb 2004, performance and videoscreening, "Glasgow,city of love" High street, "Friday I´m in love" March 2004, Glasgow, group exhibition
SAK, Sveriges allmänna konstförening, April-June 2004, Stockholm, group exhibition Gamplatsen, "Åskbil" (thunder-car) June-August 2004, Lycksele


For RAM6 I´m interested to search more into the collective mind and our way of
accepting the progressing and the developing in technology. I’ve been working with people’s experience of new technology in a time when telephones, engines and electricity were common for a large part of the world, but new for people in rarely populated areas in Sweden. What made us understood and accept the technology?