2004-04-15 psyche
VILMA psyche is build through are series of brainwork / BWORK_01/02/03/04 and so on.

BWORK_01/02/03/04 works with idea to find a group consciousness within the moment now, current time, that can constitute VILMA, in a way is to find a script for navigator, that would unfold in a process of collaborative work.

BWORK_01/02/03/04 is to bring a kind of test public asking people what they desire for VILMA as the character, as the spokes person, what they desire from a new character, that is so lacking, that is NOT available yet. Letting them speak in keywords.

Participants asked to bring it together to synthesize some "artifacts" from a cultural, political, social history, that they think reflects the range of the character.

First everyone hears those desires as what is possible for them in this project representative on their side as well, as the actual community it links to as well as it links to the international arts (?) community. What could be a resistance? Feminists? Terrorists?

The reasonable point: historical, as well as contemporary / today’s documents, in the context of splitting country are enclosed. This leads to the actual moment when a lot of people want to speak and there is a need for a kind of figure, to be a spokes figure of the collective intelligence and social interaction. The aspect of archives and the aspect of voice are employed.

To "perform" these aspects in some way participants HAVE TO decide how to cut them into each other to make them "speak" as one persona, so to build initial database psyche.

psyche is contributing to the local desires “to get out of one forest” and “not to be lost in the other one”. From this psyche scripts are build to generate the basic parameters that articulate topics and issues of RAM6.