2004-08-16 JURIJ DOBRIAKOV (Lithuania)

Education: Studies of administration at LCC Liberal Arts College in Klaipeda.
A Summer Programme in European Intellectual History at ECLA (European College of Liberal Arts) in Berlin, Germany.

Participated in conferences: - RAM5 in Riga,
2004 Projects: - Dayeight, a sound/visual art solo project. - Surfaces Netlabel (http://surfaces.tinkle.lt), a virtual platform for releasing free sound materials (started in September 2003, (9 releases so far.) - Member of Miglos_Lab (http://miglos.ten.lt), a Klaipeda-based collective of sound/video artists

I am interested in discussing how the quickly growing and ever-expanding informational forest can be made easier to navigate through and more "interconnected", through the use of effective networks, creative commons, etc.
I am also interested in sharing and discussing my upcoming project of a social/cultural commentary website authored by 2 people (including myself) who would freely publish their views and comments on art, literature and current social/political/cultural issues. The project would take the form of a weblog, but each record would be in a form of a well-structured essay. This, I believe, can be the future of network-based independent media and journalism.