2004-08-03 EVELYN MÜÜRSEPP (Estonia)

visual artist, acting director of MoKS (NGO Mooste KülalisStudio)

After getting my BA in Fine Arts from Tartu University in 1998, i set out to forge my own artistic career. With the awarding of several grants i spent time working abroad at artist residency centers in Iceland (Akureyri) and Finland (Loviiisa). Fresh from Finland I returned to Estonia with the idea to start my own artist residency program. As it happened, we joined up together with colleague Maia Möller to found MoKS (Mooste KülalisStudio), an NGO dedicated to local and international cooperation in the fields of arts, social and environmental research.

From the beginning MoKS has been a model for an artist run initiative that responds both to the local an global tides of the artistic community while creating a character and community uniquely its own. Each year MoKS hosts a number of artists from all disciplines along with workshops, events and its annual summer arts symposium "PostsovkhoZ". As the scale and reputation of MoKS grows, so does my experience as a skilled project coordinator and creative leader. When not directing MoKS, I continue my visual arts ambitions as a painter and experimenter of various media.


I will be presenting the work of MoKS along with John Grzinich in order to increase awareness of the project and generate interest for others to cooperate. But on a wider scope we wish to open up a dialogue on the implications of the MoKS concept of "learning by doing", how direct involvement is a key to personal education. We can evaluate this personal approach in order to re-examine the role of new media in the communication space on the intra- and inter- organizational level (where and how it is effective).