2004-08-16 PAULIUS TURSKIS (Lithuania)
At the age of 14 i was fascinated by digital technologies, it's usage of creating, electronic music especially. Since the year 1999 with the pseudonym WORE i'm an active performer in the scene of progressive "electronic subculture" of Lithuania, welcomed in the largest festivals of electronic subculture, such as Strokes Temple 2000, appreciated by solid state institutions, such as the Conteporary Art Centre in Vilnius (project "film 1999"). In 2002 worked as an assistant in the non-commercial interdisciplinary art organisation Jutempus on the project "Transaction". That year Jutempus presented "Transaction" at europe's elite exibition "Documenta11". In 2003 worked as an assistant manager at "INTRO" centre in Vilnius, wich is an art gallery, restaurant and a nightclub.

Now I deal with the administrative law system of Lithuania, seeking for cognition of legal parlance; record music, aiming for international recognition. In a natural way one person can observe an object or a process from only one angle - to see with your own eyes, to think wiht your own brain. This is why subjectivity is inavoidable. Searching for more objective perception, the collaboration of the different bodies lets to expand the perceptional angle and to percieve more dimmentional view. To be involved in the hi-intelectual international discussion to approach alegory of "wood forest and technology forest" (also the keywords) using hi-end technologies -thats why i seek to participate in RAM6 workshop.