2004-08-16 Raktažodžiai

Past – refunctioning, doesn’t perform the function..
Not functioning object is to function, but not in the way it was designed to function

Produce something which is not there
Technological art plus not functioning….
We are trying to make voice, a contemporary voice in an old style
The issue of ties to the past is ok – but not the way of using

Vilma is not just label of object
Vilma as name is more than object
Generational name – around 30

Names return, in fashion – so Vilma is potentially a popular name again

Linguistic derivation of name
German / Lithuanian - hope

Difference to how initatives are treated
Between other countries and Lithuanian culture
Support is not
Social collective initiative
One voice can make something, and this voice I add to -
there is no belief that it can change
What my voice can change? Saying

Disorientation from the world to the person you don't know in the sense
Black box as Pandora box
Associations from antiquity – female character,
black box is only in cases of a "not good" scenario, otherwise not needed
Black box as unconscious

Vocal grain
French term – individual voice, combining body gestures and meanings into one net.
VILMA something giving vocal grain, that can bind different bodies, meanings into social one net
Vocal grain

Collective identity
As it records the voices and opinions….
In lithuania, the problem of identity

Problematic of collective term
Collaborative as substitute

How can we talk about official language
Example: Language of national museum
Representation of national narrative

Should be precisely defined where is the lack
Finally arrive to real situation
OFFICIAL as term is not

Institutionalization versus institution
Issue raised – what is VILMA in relation to other platforms

VILMA is should be constructed on mix between
Temporary autonomus zone becomes temporary media place
Emphasis on temporality: VILMA.01

Return to issue of unused old equipment
The object is valuable if it is needed without any advertisment

Fear of lack of contact
Needs local context

Black box
Conspiracy – suspicious
Why temporal? VILMA
Provocation for temporarility
Lithuania is passive – distant from new things unknown
Things from outside

Is VILMA from outside
What should I look for in this
Generational issue – Gediminas and Nomeda as “other”

Black box temporality
If people are like black box
revealing… temporal made personality
not official, not permanent

Black box and aircraft connected with
Black box and research methodology concept
Basiclly find a way to interpret social interaction
VILMA could be an “alien” stranger that you start communicating
Turing machine “Character”
Methodology… non-transparency
Relation to Turing test metaphor – relation to black box
education process as black box

Vilma factory made boxes = pride in the production
Technological sense – new media sense
Black box records everything all the time, banal or inconsequential
No judge, just observer

Black box can not record where it doesn’t have a sensor

Originally it could record much more than it could use.
Parameters were left over from earlier settings (airplane story)
Desire now is for setting new parameters.

Inevitability, probability of the accident is the reason of the box

Global narrative of crashes, all know

Individuals interaction – modes of behavior, mass psychology
Borders between interactions of individual and mass behavior
Psychological stereotypes
Scripted behavior – as “authentic” “unique” “sincere”
law - / judge rules

helmet – reference to safety and another route out
virtual reality, computer games

is information able to interpreted one way? Or in many ways?
Many interpretations. Very scientific modernist chain of reason – cause and consequence.

More parameters less possible interpretations.

How do we define interpretation?
Decoding = making reading of the parameters
Representation = spokesperson

Impeachment as model of “black box” event
Different spokespersons at certain stages
Women in the case of presidential impeachment

Russian history – anecdotes –

Dangerous event – black box

In another event
About contemporary art is it necessary lithuanise

What is considered transgression
res publica
art is autonomous
anti American
anti wto
nationalities and cultures
immigrants is less, less collision
European union prosperity is not enough to offset "otherness"