2004-05-01 task for next time -may 7 / deadline
Next step is to bring like a data gathering, everyone brings certain kind of parameter and we start working on this collage process. What we also need is kind of subjectivity, this kind of idea of identity to be created, a narrative.

You cant say I want to do and end up with this. We want to say this is the process, we want this process to be generating the principles and everyone will see what we get from the process and then we can condense and condense and we get to this.

For the next time everyone has to start go back to this idea of keywords we tried to do last time. For better or for worse, we had some attempts, but they were very structural. This time we ask you to bring together 3 naratives, related to the idea of the desires in society of character. The character doesnít have to be a figure from the literature. It has to be you inside, how can you see it through signs, evidences of it, forms. We have to find these forms, as evidence. If every person could bring these 3 examples of textual forms, then we start the system of collaging and there should be a synthesis in the end. The synthesis will not be the elements you want to have, but the elements you probably donít know jet, you didnít think they are there in the material. Thatís part of the process to get away from structuring only a form of environment and system logic. At this part we looking for lost voice of collective identity and then we come back to the structure. Suddenly everybody has to decide whatís their interest. It will suddenly separate us again into subjects and individuals. Its no more trying to rationalize the system, its more to separate us. And then around the certain sheared domain, a certain topos, in this case, what we want to identify as a character, as a main character for this project. Vilma, if you want. We started this idea around Vilma as spokes person, but this is not necessarily we stay like that. Character. It should be aspects, whatever you think orients these possibilities to see the psyche. Then we have 45 things of which the next stage starts to bring them together, textually working it out as a script. So what it is, itís the scripting process.

We donít try just to describe what we want in this project, because thatís so easy and it avoids the material we started with, as we started with desiring machine, how does it works, how can one get into this project from another angle, so you donít just reproduce what you are maybe uncomfortable with.
That only happens if there is a set of methodologies. Last time we tried to give ourselves the environment for this methodology and while we were doing that we made the methodology already. We documented it, we looking at it. And now we have to get the thing which dropped out, which is the voice.
In the material is some other material, I would imagine. Then would be a collective point to look at the choice. So its fore and back all the time, like individual and collective.

The thing is not so much the choice making, what is important is what you say about the choice.
We want to have YOUR choices as sources, but do not want to have it as a results. And then is the process point. The benefit of having collective and individual, is this way of going fore and back. Any kind of collective cant be in a sense once object, but it can be a body politic, they can have a sort of discourse, what they think is interesting inside these individual voices. That means in the first stage, individual voices make selection themselves as subjects, to bring narratives as scripts what we are potentially able to use as this voice. For that to happen we have to reserve to being individuals again, we have to have a certain notion of what you think is the subject of articulation of the voice. Whatís lacking, whatís desirable, whatís your interest in this identity what could be constructed as Vilma.

Then taking that together it has to be a process of synthesizing it, so canít be presures about the honour, its absolutely the opposite. The sense is to get rid of those shells that containing interesting points trying to find the kernels within there, what we trying to put together, line up as a certain kind of character, personality, construct, basically Ė script. And then we have the dialogue with the description of environment weíve been developing there. Those two have to be in dialogue and finally maybe has to be unified as one.