2004-04-17 BWORK_02 summary by Nerijus
We started to speak about the temporary character, because it seems to us of great importance, that temporality and transformativity.
And finally we agreed that black box indeed is only the point of departure, but shouldnít be the focus of our conversation. The black box could be clearyfied and then put aside. So we agreed that black box is media that receives the information and the culture decodes the information (into the other culture?)
Then we spoke bout parameters, that should be recorded and decoded. What happens in this process of decoding itís transition from negative to positive, as we spoke about two days ago. Then itís transition from something crystallized, our concrete past, into changebility, movement etc.
Then we found that to think in oppositions is not good enough. So we introduced notions of passivity, activity and inertia.
Inertia in this context doesnít mean necessarily something negative.
Inertia is as the mode of movement in one net. Itís something like the communication between individuals, between bodies.
Then we moved to another concepts.
First of all itís hidden object (Birute: displaced).
Then we remembered we spoke about the orientation, of the past, but indeed something as stereotypes, that could orient us. So we introduced the disorientation as positive notion. And in order to escape this duality, we introduced the notion of corporativity (from corpus). Corporativity where is no distinction between subject and object. What is subject and what is object? For example, subject is human being and object Ė technology. So meaning corporativity, there is no distinction between them. We conceive media as extension of the body. Finally we have such net into which all bodies and media are connected. Media is something like field where the different bodies are connected in (Jonas: inertively), but not in the negative sense, but positive. That means we have some impulse as if from outside, but indeed you canít identify the source of that impulse, because you are already in. You use this impulse for some actions.
I think itís summary.